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Latvia, Cape Kolka

Here’s what you do on the way from Riga to Vilnius:

  1. Walk the Kemeri fog trail

    Visit in early morning to see fogs
    Length of the trail is 5km
    Bogs cover all the park

    Kemeri is the closest to Riga National Park, famous for bogs and meadows. It will take you 30 minutes to drive from Riga. It is free to enter, but you need to pay for parking.

    Cranes and gooses often fly over Kemeri at migration season

    Visit the Cape Kolka

    10 mins by car from Kemeri park
    — the place where the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga meet

    Find Ventspils cows

    Ventspils — is a 700 year-old port town famous for its seaside promenade and street art. In the town you can find a lot of cow statues on every street.

    Feminine cow at Ostat street
    25 cows are all around Ventspils, imbossible to miss
    Pomengrate cow at Ozolu street

    Visit seaside promenade

    If you have a chance, wait to see it during the storm
    — take a walk along the South Pier to see old anchors and lighthouse
    Ostas street, 45

    Enjoy Kuldiga atmosphere

    Architecture in Kuldiga dates from 13th century
    Baznica Street 1

    Kuldiga is a town with traditional home atmosphere and food. Try “Sklandrausis” — Latvian traditional cake with vegetable stuffing.

    Price 3$
    5$For one portion

    Find Remains of the Northern Fort

    The fortress was recognized as a strategic mistake and destroyed
    — built and abandoned in the beginning of the twentieth century
    Jatnieku iela 25, Liepaja

    Look at the wild horses

    Horses were transferred in 1999 to protect the Latvian ecosystem
    Pape Nature Park

    Wild animals in a natural habitat and diversity of landscapes are the key attractions of the Pape Nature Park. People come here to observe wild horses and see the sea, bog, dunes.

    Price 4$
    4$Ticket for adults
    Eurasian crane is easy to see in Pape park
    Wild cows don’t let guests come close

    Explore Klaipeda

    — the most romantic town in Lithuania
    Mėsininkų g 6

    Klaipeda has a huge amount of little details like sculptures with little animals, unusual manholes and signs on houses and restaurants.

    Hidden scultpures fill the town
    Dragon at Vežėjų g.

    Walk along Kaunas old town

    The second-largest city in Lithuania

    Walking in Kaunas you can see cultural monuments, Gothic and Renaissance style buildings. After walking take a break in the century-old oak park Ąžuolynas.

    Kaunas is a historical centre of Lithuanian cultural life
    St.Archangel Michael's Church

    Visit the Trakai castle

    — the only castle in Eastern Europe built on the island
    Galvė lake

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