Mere tänav 10, Paldiski
Tavern Peetri Toll

The tavern is located in the seaside town of Paldiski, 500 m from the railway station, in a picturesque park near two old churches.

Pakri Lighthouse, Paldiski
Pakri Cape and Lighthouse in Paldiski

People come to the Pakri peninsula to watch the sea from a 25 m high cliff.

Ingatsi trail in Soomaa National Park
Ingatsi trail in Soomaa National Park

People come to Sooma National Park to walk through wooded meadows and intact swamps, and see the highest bog in Estonia.

Kadagių slėnio g, Kaunas
Juniper Valley in Kaunas

This 1.3 km long hiking trail is the longest equipped walking pathway in the Kaunas region. Some parts of it are laid with boards with a natural forest path behind.

Ventspils South Pier
Ventspils South Pier Lighthouse

Ventspils is a 700-year old port town famous for its South Pier promenade and vivid street art.

Laivu iela, Carnikava, Latvia
Promenade in Carnikava

The longest seafront promenade in Latvia opened last weekend.

Ānfabrikas klintis
Anfabrika cliffs

These gray-red cliffs with a height of 17 m are located on the territory of the Gauja National Park. The rectangular holes at their foot were once cellars, now abandoned.

Vydunas g. 19, Jurbarkas, Lithuania
Manor Jurbarkas

This lovely manor in the middle of a picturesque area near the Poland border is surrounded by a beautiful well-kept park of 30 hectares. It was built in the 18th century to host Lithuanian dukes and princes. In 1918, the manor with the park was opened to public.

Kirkilų karstiniai ežeras
Karst lakes and Kirkilai observation tower

The place where the group of Kirkilai lakes is located is one-of-a-kind example of landscape. Cavities in the ground here go below the groundwater level, having turned into small lakes.

Nemunas island
Nemunas Island

This tiny green island within the city is connected to the center of Kaunas by 4 bridges.