Mere tänav 10, Paldiski
Tavern Peetri Toll

The tavern is located in the seaside town of Paldiski, 500 m from the railway station, in a picturesque park near two old churches.

Pakri Lighthouse, Paldiski
Pakri Cape and Lighthouse in Paldiski

People come to the Pakri peninsula to watch the sea from a 25 m high cliff.

Ingatsi trail in Soomaa National Park
Ingatsi trail in Soomaa National Park

People come to Sooma National Park to walk through wooded meadows and intact swamps, and see the highest bog in Estonia.

Kadagių slėnio g, Kaunas
Juniper Valley in Kaunas

This 1.3 km long hiking trail is the longest equipped walking pathway in the Kaunas region. Some parts of it are laid with boards with a natural forest path behind.

Ventspils South Pier
Ventspils South Pier Lighthouse

Ventspils is a 700-year old port town famous for its South Pier promenade and vivid street art.

Laivu iela, Carnikava, Latvia
Promenade in Carnikava

The longest seafront promenade in Latvia opened last weekend.

Ānfabrikas klintis
Anfabrika cliffs

These gray-red cliffs with a height of 17 m are located on the territory of the Gauja National Park. The rectangular holes at their foot were once cellars, now abandoned.

Vydunas g. 19, Jurbarkas, Lithuania
Manor Jurbarkas

This lovely manor in the middle of a picturesque area near the Poland border is surrounded by a beautiful well-kept park of 30 hectares. It was built in the 18th century to host Lithuanian dukes and princes. In 1918, the manor with the park was opened to public.

Kirkilų karstiniai ežeras
Karst lakes and Kirkilai observation tower

The place where the group of Kirkilai lakes is located is one-of-a-kind example of landscape. Cavities in the ground here go below the groundwater level, having turned into small lakes.

Nemunas island
Nemunas Island

This tiny green island within the city is connected to the center of Kaunas by 4 bridges.

Braslas ūdenskrātuve un HES
Braslas reservoir and hydroelectric station

The reservoir is located in the Gauja National Park with many paths and tracks along the rivers and million-year old sandy rocks.

Abandoned city of Irbene

Irbene is an abandoned military town near Ventspils.

Vesilennuki 6, Tallinn
Maritime Museum (Lennusadam)

This is one of the main and most fascinating museums in Estonia. It was established by former captains and sailors in 1935 to share their love for the sea with people.

Maiznieku iela 11, Ventspils
Digital planetarium in Ventspils

This is the largest in Latvia and the most up-to-date planetarium in the Baltic States, which has come back to work with an expanded repertoire of footage in January 2019.

Ventspils radioastronomijas centrs
Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center

Since the times of the USSR, space and its celestial bodies have been studied here.

Tartu Cathedral
Tartu Cathedral

Also known as Dome Church, the Tartu Cathedral is one of the largest in Estonia and the only medieval church with two towers in the country.

Ogres zilie kalni
Blue Mountains

The Ogre Blue Mountains Natural Park of 312 hectares embraces the Dubkalnu water basin, a wooden 30 m observation tower on the highest hill and ski tracks with equipment rental.

Keila Waterfall
Keila Waterfall in winter

The Keila Waterfall is one of the largest and probably the most popular in Estonia. In terms of size and power, only the Narva and Jägala waterfalls exceed it.

Centrālais Gastro Tirgus
Riga Gastromarket

The first gastro market in the Baltics has opened in the grocery pavilion of the Riga Central Market. Its concept is popular in America and in Europe: all dishes are cooked on the spot, in front of visitors, and each stall offers its own menu. If you go out in a big company, you all can order favourite dishes here and there, and then sit down at one table.

Rakvere Castle
Rakvere Castle

This medieval castle is the main tourist attraction of the city, also called the Rakvere Castle Site. Rakvere used to belong to the Danish kingdom, knight-monks of the Livonian order, the Russian Empire, Sweden and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Among them all, the power of the Livonian order was the longest to last here.

Kiemo galerija
Yard gallery

This is a very peculiar museum in the center of Kaunas, located in the courtyard of a residential building. The gallery’s creator, artist Vytenis Yakas, highlights the problem of alienation of people and neighbors.


Rakvere is one of the oldest cities in the country and the sixth largest, located near the border with Russia. The city is known for its castle and meat products, although many are convinced that Latvia is the birthplace of Rakvere sausages.

Maza Pils 17, 19 and 21
The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers is a carefully preserved architectural dwelling complex dating back to the 15th century.

Didžiosios Rinkos a. 6, Kėdainiai
Kedainiai Old Town

Kėdainiai is located near the geographical center of Lithuania and is famous… for cucumbers. The “cucumber business” started here by the local Jews’ initiative in the 19th century, and since then it has been growing and gaining momentum. Kedainiai is an important industrial and transit joint of 26 square km with the population of 24,000.

Wooden copy of the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower

This wooden copy of the famous French tower with a height of 31 m is one of the most controversial sights of Estonia. At its top, there are two flags waving: Estonian and French. The tower was built by a local resident Jaan Alliksoo at his yard, and it quickly became one of the most visited attractions of the island.

Tartu Raekoja Plats
Old Town Tartu

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia. A curious fact: although the city was founded in 1030, there are no buildings in Tartu established earlier than the 18th century, as older constructions were destroyed in a big fire in 1775.

Statula Trys Mergelės
“Fisherman’s daughters” monument

This 4-meter high artistic composition with was established in 1982 by the sculptor Zuzana Pranaitytė. It represents three girls looking into the sea and waiting for their father, a fisherman. The sculpture is located in the dunes, between the gates of the Sventoji port and the ruined wooden pier.

Saaremaa Museum
Saaremaa Museum

The Saaremaa Museum is located in Kuressaare Castle, which was built in the 14th century. Here you can learn about the history of Estonia, as well as about the local nature, climate, flora and fauna.

Jaunmoku pils
Jaunmoku Castle

Jaunmoku Castle was built in 1901 as a summer residence for the mayor of Riga, George Armistead. It combines two types of architecture: Neo-Gothics and Art Nouveau.

Geležinė lapė
Fox sculpture

Within a five-minute walk from the center of Šiauliai, on the shores of Lake Tialksha, there is a 25-meter sculpture of a fox built from a bunch of metal plates. Inside the fox, there is a hidden capsule with a message to descendants. It was created by Vilyus Puronas to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of Lithuania.

Haapsalu Old Town
Haapsalu Old Town, Estonia

Haapsalu (in Estonian, “aspen grove”) is an old resort town in western Estonia dating back to the 13th century, when the Episcopal Castle was built here at the place of an old settlement.

Kryžių kalnas
Hill of Crosses

The Hill of Crosses is a small mount with several hundred thousand crosses located on it.

Grobiņas pilskalns
Grobinas castle

This medieval brick castle with bastions was erected by the Livonian Order in the 13th century and destroyed in the 18th century. Its ruins are one of the cultural heritage monuments of Latvia. On the territory of the castle you will find hiking paved trails and viewing platforms.

Beaver trail, Tipu, Viljandi
Beaver trail in Sooma National Park

This 1.8 km study track goes through diverse forests: gloomy fir woods, a light birch grove with ferns and wet swamp forest.

Kirkilai ezeras
Kirkilai Lakes

These small blue lakes, which represent karstic voids filled with water, are located in the territory of Birzai Regional Park, near the border with Latvia.

Gaujas iela 10a, Ādaži
“Dzīvo Sapņu dārzs” mini-zoo

This is a small garden with goats, chicken, geese, rabbits and sheep in the center of Adazi where animals are allowed to feed and pet. At the entrance you can “buy” food: on the shelf you will find treats for animals and a piggy bank where you have to put 1 euro.

54.783488, 24.672886
Abandoned attractions at Vaiku Pasaulis

This abandoned amusement park in a small town between Vilnius and Kaunas.

Kooli tee 2, Allikukivi kula, Parnumaa
Allikukivi Manor

This historic brick building with neo-Gothic elements, surrounded by a park and a garden, dates back to 1860s.

Kokneses pilsdrupas
Ruins of city castle

The castle in Koknese was one of the largest and most important medieval castles in Latvia. The construction of its stone walls began in 1209, and the fortified city was erected around it.

Trakai island castle
Trakai castle

This is the largest ancient castle in Lithuania and the only water castle in Eastern Europe which has survived to these days. Being an example of Gothic architecture, it was built at the turn of the 14-15 century and used to host the royal residence.

Liela Ellite
Liela Ellite (Big Hell)

Formed by a spring, this picturesque cave is protected as a geological natural monument of the Gauja National Park. One may find there three arches leaning towards each other in a shape of an arcade.

Amatciems village

This eco-settlement is a marvelous sample of landscape architecture. Its creator, the Latvian millionaire Aivars Zvirbulis, initially created the village for himself and his family, but later started space planning for like-minded people.

Ventas rumba 
Venta Rapid

This is the widest waterfall in Europe located in Kuldiga on the Venta River, which is one of the largest rivers in Latvia.

Lodes māla karjers
Lode clay quarry

This unusual quarry is located between the Liepa village and the ancient Gauja valley. At the end of the 20th century, clay was mined here on an industrial scale to be used in the production of bricks.

Kauno senamiestis
Kaunas Old Town

Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania after Vilnius, standing at the confluence of two rivers, the Neman and the Neris. From 1919 to 1939, it hosted the capital of the country. 

Maarjamäe Kommunismiohvrite Memoriaal
Memorial to the Victims of Communism

This memorial located not far from the city center consists of two parts. One of them is called “The Way”  and represents two high black walls that form a long dark tunnel.

Palangos tiltas
Sea pier in Palanga

This 470 m long pier is the main attraction of Palanga with a view over the dunes, the golden beach and the sea; in the evening the path is illuminated by lanterns.

Pirita kloostri Varemed
Ruins of Saint Birgitta Monastery

Currently ruined, this monastery was founded in the center of Tallinn in 1407 by the Swedish religious order and got demolished by the troops of Ivan the Terrible in 1577.

Raganų kalnas
Witch Mountain

This sacred place with epic wooden sculptures represents a sandy 42 m high hill covered with woods. It is located on the Curonian Spit near the small village of Juodkrante with lovely one-story houses.

Lackroga ezers
Lake Lackroga

This lake, located within a 30 min ride from Kuldiga, stands our with its bright blue color and unusual transparency for local basins.

Vaives dzirnavas
Vaives Mill

This is an abandoned mill of the 19th century built at the eponymous river Vaive. The mill dam got broken due to a flood in 1998, and since then, a waterfall always keeps flowing at the floodgates.

Palanga senamiestis
Palanga Old Town

Palanga is a small resort town in the west of Lithuania perfect for hiking and outdoor activities, jogging along the coast and cycling to neighboring cities.

Veczemju klintis
Veczemju cliffs

This impressive group of sandy cliffs on the Vidzeme coast is remarkable for a steep shore up to 6 m created by sea waves.

Placio g. 146, Karklė
Safari Park and Gamtos Perlas Museum

Take advantage of a unique adventure across the Baltics: a trip to a safari park inhabited by elks, deer and roes. Animals come really close to safari jeeps, poke their heads in the car and eat from your hands.

Rannametsa-tolkuse loodusõpperada
Rannemetsa-Tolkuse Nature and Study Trail

This boardwalk through a pine forest and a swamp passes by the largest local lake and a 18-meter observation tower. The tower overlooks the forest, marsh and Pärnu Bay.