Baltic states agree to open common borders

By decision of the Prime Ministers of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, from today, May 15th, restrictions on movement within the Baltic countries are lifted. This should improve the epidemiological situation and support local tourism.

Vilnius airport has turned into an open-air cinema

From April 30, Vilnius Airport has been transformed into an open-air cinema for 4 weeks in the framework of the Cinema Spring festival.

The Treetop Walking Path
The Treetop Walking Path

The marvelous walking path over Anyksciai forest is located at a height of 20 m.

The Republic of Uzupis
The Republic of Uzupis

This district in the old part of Vilnius belongs to ​​artists and hipsters and is often compared with Montmartre in Paris. This is a small isolated area separated from the city by the River Vilnia (Vilnelė), steep hills and Soviet-like industrial zone.

The Gray Dunes, or the Dead Dunes
The Gray Dunes, or the Dead Dunes

These sandy hills with a bit of green specks at the Lithuanian side of the Curonian Spit reach 60 m in height, which equals to a 20-storey building.

Kadagių slėnio g, Kaunas
Juniper Valley in Kaunas

This 1.3 km long hiking trail is the longest equipped walking pathway in the Kaunas region. Some parts of it are laid with boards with a natural forest path behind.

Vydunas g. 19, Jurbarkas, Lithuania
Manor Jurbarkas

This lovely manor in the middle of a picturesque area near the Poland border is surrounded by a beautiful well-kept park of 30 hectares. It was built in the 18th century to host Lithuanian dukes and princes. In 1918, the manor with the park was opened to public.

Kirkilų karstiniai ežeras
Karst lakes and Kirkilai observation tower

The place where the group of Kirkilai lakes is located is one-of-a-kind example of landscape. Cavities in the ground here go below the groundwater level, having turned into small lakes.