Braslas reservoir and hydroelectric station

The reservoir is located in the Gauja National Park with many paths and tracks along the rivers and million-year old sandy rocks.

The place is perfect for both fans of quiet walks and active tourism.

On the rivers Brasla and Gauja, you can go kayaking and boating. On the way, there are almost no obstacles like fallen trees and beavers dams, but there are those requiring some maneuver. Information signs are installed around to help conduct the route safely for you and the nature around.

One of the local attractions is a small hydroelectric station, which freezes in winter.

The nearest reference point on the map to the station is “Aņītes ieži”, and the reservoir itself is located along the A3 road, not far from the roadside Zandarts motel.
You can visit at any time of the year free of charge.

Photo: Gints Mucenieks



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